Sep 10, 2014

Shah Rukh Khan flaunts his rock-hard abs in ‘Manwa Laage’ song

Shah Rukh Khan recently posted a picture of himself showing off 8-pack abs on Twitter but if only a picture isn’t enough for you, you can now check out his rock-hard physique in the latest song from Happy New Year, Manwa Laage. The song starts with Deepika Padukone in a dance practice. Skip to the last few frames to see SRK flaunt his abs in an unbuttoned shirt. Even though he is close to turning 50, the actor managed to get a perfectly chiselled look for this film. Read on to know how he stays so fit. 

How does SRK stay so fit?

His workout usually consists of weight training along with working on his abs, four times a week, and always makes sure there’s a rest period between each weight training day. He also makes sure he gets enough cardio — 30-60 minutes of running, jogging, cycling or aerobics every day.

Shah Rukh Khan is actually pretty fastidious about his regime and his trainer Prashant Sawant travels with him whenever he has to go outside Mumbai for shoots. According to an interview Sawant did, SRK has a very high basal metabolic rate which allows him to do the most difficult of endurance training regimes. In fact, SRK has so much energy that he can go continuously for an hour and a half without stopping.

‘He can run continuously at 15 kilometres an hour on the treadmill. What makes him such an adorable student of mine is that he never questions the routine I dish out to him every time he is here. No matter how tough the exercise is, he just goes at it and never falters. The biological reason behind this is not only his high BMR but also the fact that he oozes positive energy that makes it absolutely necessary for him to achieve high physical targets,’ Sawant said. SRK also has exceptional balance and can easily jump over four-and-a-half-feet high hurdles which perhaps explain how he can do such perfect cartwheels.

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