Feb 10, 2009

I don’t want to hurt anyone: Shah Rukh Khan

CAVING IN? Actor Shah Rukh Khan has decided to take off the word

The title of Shah Rukh Khan's Billu Barber has upset the salon and hairdressers union. Now with no option left before the release, King Khan has decided to take off the word 'barber' from its publicity posters.

CNN-IBN: It's too late to change the title of the film Billu Barber, but Shah Rukh you're doing everything to not upset anyone?

Shah Rukh Khan: I had a discussion with the association of hair dressers and salons in Maharashtra. And I've pokes to the associations in other cities on the phone. I don't think we were wrong in ever using the word 'barber' and that is what be stand by. But they have their own take on that. The film has been made with a good feeling. So, I'd rather not hurt anyone, because it's not going to affect my film.

CNN-IBN: So what will be your next step since the prints are out and the posters have been put up?

Shah Rukh Khan: We will put a piece of paper on the word 'barber' on the posters and hoardings which belong to the production which is Red Chillies, wherever it can be done. It's a little expensive to try and change the posters which we couldn't have done.

CNN-IBN: The censor cleared your film, so didn't you try to negotiate with these associations? Did you try to make them understand that the term 'barber' isn't a derogatory one?

Shah Rukh Khan: If they understood that they wouldn't have had an issue with it. In this case I was very clear that there is no legality involved and I would just like to make sure that people aren't unhappy. I think I'm also a little mellow since I'm going for my surgery, so I don't want to hurt anyone.

Watch video http://ibnlive.in.com/videos/84807/i-dont-want-to-hurt-anyone-shah-rukh-khan.html


  1. SRK Your acts goes with your wordicts , not like others who just speek and do nothing. U are really a person on which any indian can trust blindly

  2. Dear Shahrukjee,

    I don't know the authenticity of this blogsite, whether or not you individually at all read this or not.

    I desperately need to come in contact with you, not because just by stating that I am a great fan of yours .

    I have crossed the teenage and i can only say that I respect you and respect a lot many ideologies that you follow.

    I needed to discuss something seriously with you , knowing that it might sound very trivial to you .

    You are very busy and might have better things to do. But yet I dared to request you if you can give me some time .

    I run a qualitative education business and need to speak to you about it.

    My contact number is 9830027177.



  3. Mr. Khan

    I really dont understand the need to change the name or nythng of dat sort. As usual, ppl go overboard wid "so-called" sensitive issues....vich is relly not so, in dis case. Public is all ready to pounch over, widout realising d obstacles der veiwpoints can create.
    Still, U go outta way to make everyone happy....n u succeed too.
    Itz bit unfair....to u....bein so gud alwayz.
    Anywaz take gud care of urself, hv a great recovery {ur shoulder injury}. All d best.

  4. hello sir,

    I saw your interview yesterday on zoom television.Hats off to you sir how you have handled the things.Earlier i was not big fan of yours i had wrong preconcieved notions about you as in arrogance, but after watching KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI hosted by you my notions were badly smashed. your good behaviour towards civilians, normal people like us its like you to goooood really.you have so positive attitude and optimistic too really Mr. khan i really adore you.
    somking is injuries to health and your sweet children mind it.

    We all love you.bye




  6. hi srk i m addy naam to suna hi hoga nahi ? koi nahi ab to sunte hi rhena hai ......

    mera ek frnd hai wo to fan nai coolar hai aapkaa

    muje pata hai aap ye sayad padoge nahi bt najar pad jaye to ek smile to banti hai na apne fans k liye

    love u tk cr mmmuaaaa

  7. I am looking forward to watch this movie.
    Ah Info Source

  8. I saw your interview ON ONE OF THE Hindi news Chanel.
    You were very arrogant and sounds so....
    how can you invest so much of money to produce Billu without going in detail to the original Malayalam movie. I dont know whether you had seen Sreenivasan or not.

    My friend, he is as handsome as you!but as an actor you are no way near to him
    again you made fun of Priyadharshan.What is the wrong with you.....

  9. Dear Shahrukh,

    We have very closely followed the publicity of Billu Barber and have seen the movie too! We truly understand what all goes into film making and how hard it is for all you guys who focus their entire life on bringing smiles on others, making us laugh, making us cry, make us love you as well as hate you (your screen characters and not you as a person) and how some bunch of sadistic beings place hurdles in the difficult path chosen by you. Why can't they raise objections when some thing is in the process of being created? Why they only have to shout when the project is over? Truly sadistic, we must say! You have got all the right to save your project; after all it’s your hard work. But most humbly we feel that your choice of one person for part publicity of your film was not correct. And that is Jawed Habib. Who else would know him better than us, responsible for bringing him to his present status, his people, and the staff who has worked with him for years? And this person just treats his staff as some dirty rotten beings. He would not pay our salaries for months. He would shed his business partners frequently after making them invest in his salons, especially the ones who are not in position to invest further in his sky castles. He would dump his old friends after using them and the fact that the average ageing of his associates is less that a year proves this fact. In his act of sycophancy, he would go to any extent to crush anyone. We wish someone would remind him of your piece of advise given to Farhan in Luck by Chance - "You can only trust those friends who know you since the time you were nothing". We are telling you all these things to bring the true face of Jawed Habib, the man who is falsely claimed as famous hair stylist of our country. And the irony is that he thinks that he is solely responsible for saving your movie, the propaganda that he is currently into!

  10. Hi Shahrukh,

    Like all 'm also a gr8 and an ardent fan of ur's.I am an MBA student from New Delhi n ever since my school days ur i just go ga ga over ur each n every movie.DDLJ is my favourite among all.As dis is my first letter to ur blog, so i hope that you will really take out some time from ur hectic schedule and spare a few minutes on this.Yuo really inspire me a lot through your dedication towards ur work and the same i also apply to my daily work.
    So, looking forward to your reply.....

    Take care

  11. Hi Sharukh,

    I really like ur movies... as i belive in romance ... and secondly ur movies may seem too far from realities to some... but they laways have a hidden message .. which differs from individual to individual perception. LOVE is an integral part of our lives.. and u show us thru ur movies. Heart congratulations for the successful launch of ur both the serials "First Ladies" and "Kyunki yeh toh Ghar ke Baat hai"... I just love watching both of them.. i recently watched ur Billo Barber , i liked the concept.. but it could had been made more interesting.. i know u wanted to bring in real story to reel... but the pace was toooo slow... and the songs were for no use ... its always not neccesary to make a 3 hours film... IS IT? I love ur work and i am ur die-hard fan.... so thats my responsibility to bring in my and many other knowns point of view to u. I heard ur interview that u have starte dthis blog for youngsters to come up and tell u more and come more close to u.... so i am just putting a step forward.. Looking forward for ur reply ... Get well soon fast , i wish i could know how to send a get well soon card to u thru this... as i know u r being operated today at Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai today.....

    Please take care and fultooo rest.


  12. Dear Shahrukh,
    sorry for posting my request on Feb 14.honestly we realised that yourself was to undergo aSurgery on Monday later.great to understand that yr operation was fine.wish you Good wishs from me and my Wife tanijee.
    Can I touch Base on my Request

    Yourself in RAB DE BANA DE JODI were shown in the extraordinary relationship with yr Heroine Tanijee.This is aname which over 22 years i was in the impression was aexclusive name.as 15th Feb09 was our anniversary, I thought that maybe if I communicate with u on yr BLOG you would see my mail and communicate back.A call with wishs and the luck associated with The name tani maybe you would call her
    belatededlyto wish her.
    tani"s mobile is 9820034225
    thanks again
    Sarbjeet Chaddah

  13. hey,

    Y barbers will have objections yaar!
    I know it is just a publicity stunt.!
    It will affect ur sale in a good way!
    at least 10-20%..!!

    All the best!


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