Aug 6, 2015

Ask SRK anything. Shah Rukh Khan always finds newer ways to connect with fans

​​Facebook partnered with Shah Rukh Khan to test and launch their new application in India and he took no time to try it out and became the first Indian celebrity to avail this app.

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That despite being one of the busiest actors in the Indian Film Industry, Shah Rukh Khan still takes time out to stay in touch with his fans and followers is just the prologue to his eminence as an actor. King Khan is proactive in trying new tools introduced every now and then in social media, to get connected with his fans and followers in a better way. Facebook recently introduced a new feature by the name of Facebook Mentions. Under it, there is a facility called Facebook Live, a live-streaming tool, that primarily would allow celebrities to connect with their fans. It partnered with SRK to test and launch the new application in India. And an inquisitive and sharp mind, SRK took no time to try it out and became the first Indian celebrity to avail this app.

While on his way, amidst a crawling traffic and on the sets of his upcoming movie 'Fan', SRK obliged the millions of his fans by using this tool, though amidst a lot of network issues and outage. But who's complaining, when you have a dekko of what makes a particular day in SRK's life? So, while SRK, in his most adorable and witty avatar, introduced his audience to his teams – make up, set design and technical, he also made Greg Cannom, the Oscar winner make up artiste, mouth the lines, "Buddha Hoga Tera Baap". Yash Raj Films has roped in Greg Cannon to develop the look of the superstar for 'Fan'. The movie, directed by 'Band Baaja Baarat' director Maneesh Sharma, will see SRK playing the role of a fan. In the 15 videos that SRK posted, he is seen giving his audience a tour of the sets and all this while, the director Maneesh remains in hiding. You can watch all the videos on SRK's official Facebook page. After trying this tool, SRK, while still having his make up done, did a Twitter chat with his fans. And as usual, was at his wittiest best. When one of the Twitter users asked him to make a "sensible movie", SRK was all wits as he replied:

A live Facebook 'thingy' and Twitter chat while being stuck in traffic and getting make up done! Now we know why everybody loves SRK. Well, so do we. 

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